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minecraft fun factsThere are a lot of very fun and cool facts out there on the internet about Minecraft, but you haven’t read anything until you see this article. Have you ever heard about the legendary Herobrine?  Don’t worry, most players have not.  This god of Minecraft is supposedly Notch’s brother. Now that you have a little taste of the juicy tid bits of secret information we are going to giveyou, you just may want to tick around and see things that nobody knows.  These Minecraft Fun facts aren’t like the fun facts you learned when you were in elementary school. They are actually FUN and COOL. :)

Alright how about we start off with the Minecraft fun facts then move on to the rumors and legends. Did you know that soul sand literally has souls in them? You can’t take them out or anything, but I always thought it was just skeletons.  If you put ice under soul sand it will make you walk a lot slower than just regularly walking on soul sand. It is great for a trap. There are only three mobs that don’t take fall damage, the chicken, ocelot, and iron golem. The chicken just floats down a ledge, the ocelot is like a cat and lands safely, and the iron golem… well it is just a big pile of iron so I don’t think that falling would hurt them. Minecraft Pink Sheep

Hitting someone while sprinting will take out some extra hearts. It is great to use in PvP. It also takes out more hearts if your falling. Creepers are actually failed pig models and it was a bug for them to explode expect Notch let it go and today you know them as a creeper. The only mob that can attack you in peaceful mode is the iron golem and wolf. Every mob in the nether will not attack a villager, even the wither skeleton. If you are thinking of living in the nether bring a bunch of cobblestone because ghast can’t blow cobblestone up for some reason. Skeletons can actually spawn in the nether. There actually a chance for a pink sheep to spawn but it is EXTREMELY unlikely. The enderman was inspired by the slenderman

Slenderman and Minecraft enderman

Slenderman and Minecraft enderman

Now on to Herobrine. Herobrine is supposedly Notch’s dead brother. Nobody knows much about Herobrine but some have claimed they have seen him and say he can use teleportation. The first time he has been spotted was in vanilla Minecraft. Someone said on the Minecraft forums that he saw a default skin with white eyes. Other people had said that they saw him too on their single player, then after all that it blew up. Everyone was going to Notch’s twitter page asking who is Herobrine? Notch replied,”He is a brother of mine who is no longer with us.” After that everyone was curious, heck even I was curious (I played since the beta 1.6 Minecraft update.) Now everyone’s stating that they saw him in a mine and he killed them. It is said that Herobrine is able to place and break blocks. A few months later Notch tweeted that he was lying about Herobrine, He didnt even have a brother. But that didn’t stop them to stop believing in Herobrine people still claimed they have saw him. Then the Minecraft 1.8 update came and the patch notes said that they removed Herobrine. Still people claimed they still saw him, even I thought I saw him because I wen’t mining and I found an abandon mine and I thought Herobrine placed the blocks so I was SPRINTING to get out of the cave, but back to Herobrine’s story. Well during EVERY update from 1.8 to 1.6 in all of their patch notes it says they removed Herobrine again and again and again, so that got everyone curious AGAIN. People say that it’s just Mojang just playing some pranks on us, others say that Herobrine is still out there. Even some people have video’s that has Herobrine in it. So Herobrine became so famous people started to make Machinima’s out of him, and some even playing let’s play to find Herobrine.Minecraft Herobrine I personally don’t think  he is real anymore, but some people do. They say that if he makes sand pyramids that he is in your world, not the regular sand pyramids that they added into they game. Even people say they seen signs that say “STOP” pretty creepy, yeah? So I took advantage of this and used it on a prank for two guys who killed me. So I made them believe that Herobrine was in the multiplayer server. He also writes a sign that says “ONLY GOD CAN HELP YOU KNOW.” He also burns the leaves off tree’s and plants mushrooms on tree leaves. Oh he also make some sort of statue. If you see Herobrine make sure it didn’t have a name tag. People say it is just a player with the skin of Herobrine. He turns his head 180 degrees before he turns his body. So he will turn his head all the way around and his body will still stay where it was pointing then a second or two his body will finally turn towards you. People even say he holds a diamond pick axe and use to be able to summon by having 4 redstone torches, 1 nether rack, 1 mossy cobblestone, and 8 gold blocks. The summoning doesn’t work anymore because he was removed. That is all I know about Herobrine.

Well that wraps up these facts about Herobrine and fun facts. Remember to share this knowledge with other people so they know about Herobrien too. Well it’s been really fun to share these good luck on your journey to find Herobrine… or not if you don’t believe in him like me!




  1. I think herobrine is still here with us in minecraft because I saw him in minecraft pe 0.7.3

  2. herobrine is creepy!!!

  3. breonna says:

    I seen videos of herobrine but i think he is very real.Iasked my mom to buy the beta game so I can see for my self.

  4. i found a sand pyramid. a small one. made of sand, not sandstone. in the same world i found mushrooms on trees. i’ve never once seen herobrine for myself unfourtunatley.
    but i do have some signs.

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