Minecraft Mobs


There are different animals and creatures in Minecraft that are called mobs. These Minecraft mobs are sometimes friendly and sometimes not so much.  :)  The unfriendly mobs are called hostile mobs.  They are known to have quite the temper when provoked.  These hostile mobs will come out at night and try to kill you.  You might think that they are trying to be your friend when they come running towards you, but be assured that this is no attempt at friendship. :(  They are trying to kill you.  The friendly mobs, on the other hand, are the complete opposite.  Some of these fantastic Minecraft mobs will actually help you when push comes to shove.  Are you wondering about these Minecraft mobs and what they look like?  Well, let me show you! [Read more…]

Minecraft Trolling

In Minecraft there is a thing called trolling. Trolling is a way of messing with something or someone. People will often troll you and you will often troll them back. If you are unlucky you might be trolled and you don’t know what to do. I will tell you how to get them back! Now don’t tell the trolls you are mad, they feed off of anger and rage. It is actually pretty easy to be a troll but you will get insulted. To be honest I am a troll and it is pretty funny to see people rage. I even troll my friend’s and it takes a day for them to forgive me. So i’m a pretty good troll, but you have to take risks. Alright how about we get started.

Minecraft Troll Face

Minecraft Troll Face

The main tool for trolling is TNT. You can scare someone with this or you can actually blow up their stuff. The downside to blowing up their house is that you might be banned from the server you play on unless they allow griefing. Griefing is another word in Minecraft for destroying and in many servers it is against the rules for them. So you will have to be very sneaky when trolling because the admins on the server might find what you did and ban you from their server once again. You can also mess with them by placing pressure plates in their house and they might think that there is TNT under the pressure plate. You can also keep on killing them and take their stuff in their chest and keep it to yourself. That one is very risky though. So if you blow up their house make sure that no admins are on and that the person that you are trolling is not on either because they will report you to an admin.

Minecraft TNT

Minecraft TNT

You could have a friend help you troll someone which will make it more fun and the person you are trolling might rage even more when he finds his house demolished and his stuff gone. You can also write something on a sign and write down “Stop” which will make them think that it was Herobrine that did everything. You can also blame it on someone else in the server and they will get the blame and that would be a double troll for you and your friend.

Minecraft Troll Skin

Minecraft Troll Skin

Another tool that trolls like to use is any type of redstone contraption. It could make them fall to their death and burn their stuff in lava, or you could do the same but with no lava and droppers below where they died so it can give their stuff to you and you barely have to work for it. Oh you should also write a sign that says something like “Problem noob?” or “U jelly bro?” this will make them even MORE angry and remember us trolls feed off of rage and anger. There are even more creative ways to troll if you have enough permission on the server. I always try to become an admin or mod so I can disguise as a player or a famous Youtuber. There are many guides on Youtube.

Well thats all I have to say about trolling but never take it to far. I did once to my friend and he was mad for a week but he forgive me so be careful whoever you are trolling. Remember to be sneaky and try it with a friend on a server you don’t like. Don’t rage and tell them you are angry because like I said trolls feed off of rage and anger. So be careful and I hope you have a wonderful time trolling those noobs. See yeah!





Minecraft PvP

Minecraft PVP

Minecraft PVP

In this article I will be teaching you how to PvP like a pro. I will tell you what materials you would need to fight, raid, and defend. You will need armor, weapons, and certain type of materials to totally own your opponents.  How about we get started with the armor you will need to defend their weak attacks! [Read more…]

Minecraft Fun Facts

minecraft fun factsThere are a lot of very fun and cool facts out there on the internet about Minecraft, but you haven’t read anything until you see this article. Have you ever heard about the legendary Herobrine?  Don’t worry, most players have not.  This god of Minecraft is supposedly Notch’s brother. Now that you have a little taste of the juicy tid bits of secret information we are going to giveyou, you just may want to tick around and see things that nobody knows.  These Minecraft Fun facts aren’t like the fun facts you learned when you were in elementary school. They are actually FUN and COOL. :) [Read more…]

What Are The Minecraft Weapons?

What are the minecraft weaponsI am always asked what are the Minecraft weapons?  In this article I will be teaching you how to create and use weapons to defend yourself from the monsters of Minecraft and how to defend yourself from other players trying to raid your house. There are two main types of weapons, swords and bows.  These are the main tools for protecting yourself and trolling your nearest competitor :). [Read more…]

What is in the Minecraft 1.6 update?


Minecraft 1.6 UpdateThe Minecraft 1.6 update has put a big impact on the game. Many things have been added in the new Minecraft 1.6 update including horses, carpets, stained clay, and more! For this update, you need to download a new launcher by clicking here.  On that page, you can download the new launcher for Mac or Windows. Are you excited to learn about the new 1.6 update? Then let’s get started!   [Read more…]

What Are The Minecraft Bosses?

How To Beat The Minecraft Bosses

How To Beat The Minecraft Bosses

We have two bosses in Minecraft, both very strong but each has their own weakness. The two bosses are the ender dragon and the wither. They may not sound so strong but they are. We’ll start out with the first boss, the ender dragon. [Read more…]

How To Find Minecraft Minerals

In this section I will teach you about all the minerals and blocks that you will find in caves, dungeons, strongholds, and much, much, more! Each of these minerals will have their own uses. Some may be useful and some… not so much. [Read more…]

Minecraft Tools Available

Minecraft Pickaxes

To do certain jobs, you will need to use the different Minecraft tools that are available. There are many Minecraft tools such as a pickaxe, an axe, a hoe, and more!  But you need to know how to craft them or find them and that is why you will want to see this. [Read more…]

Minecraft Manufacturing Recipes Available

This is the Minecraft Manufacturing Recipes that everyone wants to know.  Take a minute to understand the magnitude of informational gathering that went into finding out the exact ingredients needed for each and every manufactured item in the world of Minecraft. WHHHHEEEWWW! We need a break, so enjoy the list down below and check out some of the other Minecraft Crafting Recipes on our other pages.

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